IIVO provides smart technology for greenhouse growers. The system is capable of monitoring, controlling and maintaining any greenhouse including climate conditions, irrigation and energy management in an extremely efficient and sustainable way.

Combining powerful algorithms, data-driven growing, crop-specific approach and automated growing, IIVO connects nature and technology in a truly powerful way.

We created a dynamic identity system that truly reflects all these complex features.

Designed at Narwal Creative.



The IIVO visual identity is based around the notion of the North Star which symbolizes every grower’s personal mission.

As the North Star is the unique compass one can rely on in an ever-changing world, so the shape of the North Star is the constant key element in an ever-adapting and evolving identity system.

The motion graphics play important part in the identity providing a truly immersive brand experience.       


We defined the identity through the carefully developed iconography and illustration style, typography and a dramatic mix of micro and macro photography of technology and product. 

Using all these distinctive brand elements, in combination with the North Star patterns, allowed us to create a cohesive modular system of compositions and layouts.


The self-learning controls allow IIVO to continuously adapt and improve

its understanding of the growing conditions during cultivation.


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